Why use WINEWISK wine aerator

The Before & After Effect

When using WINEWISK wine aerator, first take a few sips and get an idea of what the wine is like. Then clip WINEWISK onto your glass and start swirling to aerate your wine. By tasting wine this way, you will taste the before and after. You'll be able to compare what the wine was like first and what the wine is like after aerating it. Taste the difference!

With WINEWISK wine aerators, we want you to have fun with your wine. Practice swirling wine in your glass and don't worry about being judged. The magic happens when you start hearing the whisking sound in your glass and seeing the bubbles.

By aerating wine in the glass, aromas come through more clearly and are easier to identify. You get a freshly aerated sip of wine every time, bringing out the full flavor and enhancing the overall wine tasting experience.

Take a few sips first to taste
Swirl until bubbles form
Taste the difference

A Wine Aerator tailored to you

With WINEWISK wine aerators, you have full control over the aeration process. Wine is a thing of preference. Who says we can't have our wines aerated differently from one another? With WINEWISK wine aerators, you tailor your wine aeration by how often you want to swirl your wine. The more you swirl the more you aerate.

Yes, it is possible to over aerate wine...but you might be someone who likes over aerated wine, and we think that's okay too.

Remember, WINEWISK wine aerators gently aerate wine in the glass. This helps to maintain the complexity and flavor profile throughout aeration regardless of how many times you want to swirl!.

WINEWISK wine aerators are also a great tool for somms-in-training, and anyone who hosts wine tastings. WINEWISK wine aerators are particularly useful in helping to identify flavors and aromas while maintaining the structure and integrity of the wine.

Wine aerator & wine glass charm

Have you ever been at a wine tasting or a dinner party and lost track of your wine glass? It's happened to all of us. WINEWISK wine aerators double up as wine glass charms. Our wine aerators let you mark your glass so you always know which one is yours and can safely leave it with a friend if you need to.


We designed our wine aerators for you to match the color of your aerator to the color of your wine.

A green wine aerator for greenish wines Take a few sips first to taste
A yellow wine aerator for yellowish wines Take a few sips first to taste
A rose wine aerator for rose wines Take a few sips first to taste
A red wine aerator for red wines Take a few sips first to taste
A purple wine aerator for purple wines Take a few sips first to taste
A black wine aerator for darker wines Take a few sips first to taste

Your WINE your way

We want to help improve the culture around wine tasting. With WINEWISK wine aerators, you can enjoy the wine aerating experience together in a fun, social, and light-hearted way. Smell the notes together and keep learning more about wine and what you like.

Wine is like music. Everyone likes something different. Learn what you like and enjoy.

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