About Us

WINEWISK started when two friends who loved wine got together to talk about ideas. With many years of shared experience in wine tourism and tasting, we started to talk about wine aeration and how it just wasn't working for us in its current state. After a few glasses of wine and the fortunate appearance of a 3d printer to play with things started to happen.

winewisk wine aerators come in 6 different colors


Nothing is better than a nice glass or bottle of wine, especially at the end of a long day. Whether going out to dinner and ordering something new off the menu or opening a favorite bottle at home, wine delivers a feeling of satisfaction for so many. But what happens when the wine arrives at the dinner table or is opened when family or friends come over unannounced? That cork is popped, and the wine needs time to open and breathe to reach its full potential and flavor. We know wine decanters are the way to go. But how often are we able to predict how many bottles of wine we’re going to open when friends come round. Do you drink it anyway, knowing it could be better? Do you wait, delaying your dinner or guests?


We knew there must be a way to solve this dilemma. So we set out to create a product that would aerate wine after the pour – avoiding the planning and forward-thinking of decanting and accommodating last-minute plans or get-togethers. The goal was to create something simple that would accelerate the time it takes wine to fully open, revealing all the flavors the winemakers intended for complete enjoyment. From there, WINEWISK™ was born.

Doesn’t change the way you drink wine, but improves it

Doesn’t make a mess

Super convenient

Freshly aerated wine, every sip

A before and after effect in every glass

winewisk wine aerators works right in the glass


After the idea we experimented with designs. We went through many different iteratons of the product. We still remember the exitement the first time we realized how well our idea actually worked. It looked nothing like what it does today, but the concept was proven and thats all the motivation we needed to keep going.


When we started our journey we agreed that what we wanted out of this more than anything was to have fun and do good work with good people. Looking back we’ve certainly got that right. We’ve worked with some amazing people, and we couldn't have done this without them. Support us all by trying our wine aerators.